Submit your photos

Send your photo to using these instructions:

  • Attach only one photo per email to (no individual photos bigger than 3MB)
  • Write the city and country in the subject line for the email
  • In the body of your email, write a compelling one-sentence description of what’s happening in the photo. Include the theme or day the photo is from and who is pictured. Include any photographer credits in the e-mail body as well.

You can check out our guide on how to take a good photo here.

We’ll also be looking out for great photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Use the hashtag #HarvardHeatWeek to help us find them.


Submitting Video

If you want to upload video footage on YouTube, then just tag it with #HarvardHeatWeek and it will automatically go into a playlist on the Fossil Free YouTube channel.


Note: By sharing your photos and videos through this page, you are submitting it to an open-source archive to enable people everywhere to spread the word far and wide about climate action. Your video work may be remixed, edited, and repurposed. All materials uploaded will be considered to be part of the public domain and licensed through a Creative Commons Zero License.