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4 Factors – Furnace Replacement vs. Repair Repair

The busiest time for most furnace repair service companies is right before the start of winter or during winter. However, there is a question that looms in the minds of most furnace owners, when to replace the furnace. The best time to ensure that your furnace efficient enough is before the beginning of a winter season. However, it can also be the best time to replace your furnace, below are some ways to know that it’s time to replace your furnace.

The Age Of Your Furnace

There is a likely chance that your heating unit will need to be replaced when it is past the expected due date. Most furnaces are made to serve you for 15years. If your unit is past 15 years, it may be as well is the beginning of replacing ideas, hope you’ve been saving up. Furnaces like most mechanical units, wear out as a result of continual usage. As your heating unit ages, there are efficiency issues to consider. Your unit could still be functioning past 15 years but then your utility rates have skyrocketed as a result. The older you unit is, the less energy efficient it becomes. This means that you may end up spending more on it than it would from a highly efficient unit. To better help you understand this, if your unit is more than 15 years, and you are just about to spend 50% or more of the cost of a new furnace, then it’s time to replace.

Increased Utility And Furnace Repair Bills

As your unit grows old, it tends to work harder to meet the warming needs of your home. This will then mean high utility bills at the end of the month frequent repairs. If you notice a significant increase in your utility bills and your furnace is older than the expected 15 year useful life, then it’s probably time to replace. There is no way you can bring your unit to function with all efficiency when it’s 15+ years. The amount of money you may end up saving in the long run from a more energy efficient furnace would be worth the investment.

Heat Distribution In Different Rooms Is Uniform

An old furnace will lose its ability to uniformly heat your home. This is not only attributed to the unit but to also the duct system being as old as the unit. If you notice that there are part or certain rooms in your home are especially colder than others, then it’s time to make that decision of replacing your heating unit.

Unusual Noises Coming From Your Furnace

There are the normal well-known noises made when your furnace turns on and off, however, if these noises tend to be progressively louder, it may be time to replace your unit considering the age factor. Below are ways to distinguish between normal everyday sounds and unusual noises coming from your furnace:

Popping– there is normal popping sound when your unit is adjusting to changes in temperature around your home. The popping noise should not be frequent than normal.

Rattling – this is as a result of loose screws or unsecured ducts. It can also mean that the blower motor is not balanced properly. When all these avenues are considered but the rattling noises are still persistent, then it’s time to replace either the worn out part or the entire unit.

Screeching or squealing – it may be from the blower motor, considering loose bearing or a bad belt. Considering the age, make the appropriate decision.

If your furnace needs to be repaired, you would benefit from reading this article on how to choose the best furnace repair service before hiring anyone.

Repairing Your Furnace Quickly

4 Key Benefits Of Repairing Your Furnace Quickly

The best way to ensure that your furnace stays in shape throughout a cold winter season is by getting it serviced regularly and timely. It’s advisable that as soon as your furnace shows any signs of inefficiency you contact your repair contractors. Waiting till your furnace breaks altogether could jeopardize the health of your family as well as raise the cost of repairs. Most of the major repair costs are incurred as a result of ignoring the minor furnace malfunctions.

However, this doesn’t mean you try to handle these problems by yourself. There are so many DIY tips for troubleshooting but it’s advised that you first contact a furnace repair professional just in case. It’s understandable that some of these problems might appear small and fixable by oneself but before doing this, consider:

> Safety — most furnaces are gas powered, making them highly explosive

> Damage — the extent of damage from an explosion

 > Costs — the cost of repairing and replacing after an explosion or from misdiagnosis

By ensuring that your furnace is repaired and fixed without unnecessary delays, you will reap the following benefits.

Peace Of Mind

It’s evident by now if you happen to own a furnace, of the many worries one is subjected to when you notice a malfunction, the thought of your furnace breaking down in the middle of a cold winter or the costs that you incur from those major repairs. Ensuring that your furnace is timely repaired guarantees you of safe sailing especially during the winter season when the services of your heating unit are much needed. This eventually ensures that you are not overly stressed up by the state of your furnace. Making sure you choose the best furnace repair company available also helps give you peace of mind that you won’t have to stress over the condition of your furnace.

Your Family’s Health

By ensuring that the filters in your furnace are changed regularly and timely, you are guaranteed of better air quality around your home. If you continuously use the same filter without replacing it, you will end up breathing the dust and debris that have over time accumulated in the filters and found their way into the air around your home. For those with respiratory health conditions like asthma, the environment could mean more asthmatic attacks. Not only will you be improving your health and those around you, the health of your furnace would improve as well since the accumulated dust and debris in the air filters tend to choke your furnace, therefore, lowering efficiency.

NOTE: If you haven’t ever changed the air filter in your furnace, you can check out this article on how to change the air filter yourself.

Dramatically Reduced Furnace Repair Costs

As a result of ignoring the minor repairs on your heating unit, it becomes imminent that major damages are about to hit your furnace. Your furnace is a mechanical unit that wears and tears from the various mechanical processes, neglecting minor malfunctions increases the extent of the damage. This in return raises the repair costs significantly. Regular furnace tune up inspections and repairs to your heating unit not only saves you money but also ensures that your furnace is functioning efficiently.

Your Furnace Keeps Your Home Warm When It’s Cold Outside

One of the main reasons as to why you own a heating unit is to ensure that your home stays warm during a cold winter or during any other cold day. It’s therefore important to have an efficient and fully functional furnace at all times. There are furnace problems that only slows your furnace down, like dirty air filter, your furnace will not stop but its efficiency will be lowered this, however, does not mean that you ignore the problem. There are then those that however, issues that cause your furnace to stop heating your home. It’s therefore important to always be on the lookout and staying keenly aware of the early warning signs.

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Furnace Repair Company

There are so many heating contractors and furnace repair companies around in every major city, you would think it should be easy to find one when you need them. However, it’s not always easy to find one of the top furnace repair service companies when you need someone in an emergency. Whenever your furnace has repair issues, your first instincts would be calling the very first company that comes your way.

It’s advisable to be composed and avoid making any hasty decisions when it comes to the repair and service of your heating unit as you may incur more costs in trying to fix previous mistakes. Below are some of the most common mistakes people make and ways to avoid them.

#1 Hiring Unlicensed Furnace Repair Companies Because TheyAre Cheaper

Hiring an unlicensed company to repair your furnace is one way to find cheaper furnace repair prices, and this can seem to be great… if you don’t know the risks involved. However, you may as well be hiring someone who didn’t take time to train and become a licensed pro to handle your repair needs. This then raises the issue of trust. If they cannot be trusted to fix your furnace, how can they be trusted to even be in your home? In Denver, you can always check to find out if a furnace repair contractor is licensed by searching the City of Denver contractor database.

To learn more about the risks of hiring unlicensed contractors to work in your home.

#2 Waiting Until The Last Minute To Call For Service

This is one of the mistakes that people do, they wait until their heating units are broken down and cannot function, and that’s when they rush to the most convenient furnace repair company. Most people have landed into the hands of unscrupulous contractors who have charged them high rates for the minor repairs or even misdiagnosed the problems to create more problems.

The best way is to create a relationship with a trusted repair company that you can rely on even before something goes wrong. In doing so, you can schedule for regular inspections and maintenance for your furnace. This will at the end of the day ensure that you are not overcharged and that you get value services for the money spent on these repairs.

#3 Not Checking The Company’s Customer Reviews

The best way to land on the best furnace repair company is to as around and ensuring that you do your research beforehand. Finding the best furnace repair contractor even before you need one could as well be the best way of ensuring that you are not subjected to the numerous known scum scenarios. You have neighbors and friends who own heating units just like you do, ask around for the best furnace repair companies. You may also be new to your current location, the best way to find the best furnace repair company is to do your research extensively.

#4 Ask For References If The Company Doesn’t Have Many Reviews

One of the best ways of steering clear of any potential troubles of hiring unscrupulous furnace repair companies is ensuring that you check for references. This can also be in the form of checking the online reviews, as long as the company has a sufficient number of reviews online. The main reason for conducting regular inspections and diagnosis is not only for repair purposes, but to catch the minor issues before they escalate to major problems. Hiring a company that you haven’t checked for references can as well be an invitation to bigger problems.