Divest Harvard Divest Harvard, April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015

To Philip W. Lovejoy, Executive Director of the Alumni Association; Charlie Cardillo, Executive Director of the Harvard College Fund; and Alumni Association representatives, 

We’re writing to you from your office, where nine of us will be spending the night behind closed doors. We arrived this afternoon with over fifty fellow alumni, in hopes of having an open dialogue about Harvard’s need to divest from fossil fuels. But just as Harvard has rebuffed student requests for a public discussion about divestment, the alumni association refused to engaged, sending only an “HR representative” to receive cards with our pledges not to donate until Harvard acts.

So, we’re spending the night in the hopes that you will be willing to meet with us in the morning. We know that many other alumni are trying to join us, indeed two are locked out in the hallway right now by a (very professional) police presence. They feel as we do: that if it’s wrong to wreck the planet then it’s wrong for Harvard to profit from that wreckage. And that the Harvard students who have been the brave leaders in the divestment fight so far deserve the support of us Harvard graduates.

We sincerely hope you’ll honor our request for a meeting first thing tomorrow morning and will start the honest dialogue that the University has so far avoided. We’ll be here to greet you.


Nancy Beall ’71
KC Golden KSG ’88
Doug Hendren ’72
Jacob Kramer ’07
Bill McKibben ’82
George Olken ’07
Beth Reisen ’72
Betsy Sowers HDS ’81
Virginia Vogel ’70